My Why

At the end of 2017 I was a single mom  weighing 420 pounds. Quickly losing my mobility from severe arthritis flare ups, going to work in extreme pain I’d utilize heating pads ibuprofen and icy hot to manage to survive the day only to grab a fast food dinner on the way home with my daughter and collapse into bed laying in pain waiting to do it over again the next day.

I was desperate after several months of flare ups and finally caved after my sister had begged me to try some supplements she was using to lose weight for the hundredth time. I hadn’t wanted to hear it. I knew I had a food addiction I knew they knew I had a weight problem.

I was able to lose the weight heal my mind and become the woman I was meant to be before the food addiction had clawed it’s way into the forefront of my mind.  It’s not something that can be easily described it’s something that has to be felt!

I can only say that when it hits you theres an immediate sense of hope. I grasp that hope and hold onto it knowing it was my lifeline to the lifestyle me and my daughter deserved.

I was a strong independent mother that was drowning in a food addicted super morbidly obese body. I was not letting this go. Using gratitude journals yoga and the power of positivity I worked on healing my mind while I built up my self control. Learning the more I practiced all these things the stronger I was becoming.

I documented this journey on social media almost immediately. For some reason I just knew this was it. This was what life was meant to be like for me. For everyone. It was so perfectly peaceful I knew I wanted to change not the world per-say but someone’s world.

This was too important not to share. Positivity appreciation self love and hard work can take you anywhere you truly want to go.

 The stronger we all are, the better we make our children’s lives!

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