One “last” I’m leaving up to her…

Moms do you remember your lasts?

3 years ago Macyn was 3 and I could no longer pick her up due to back pain. It killed me to wean her off of having me pick her up and hold her when she was still so small but I just physically couldnt do it anymore. I remember what I thought was the last time I picked her up to put her in her car seat. I couldnt do it and had to ask her if she could climb up on her own.

Down 240 lbs and another 3 years and now I’m cherishing carrying her up a flight of stairs. I know one day we will have our final pick up but tonight’s not that night and I thank god and  truvy for that. Shes 6 now and even though I can physically pick her up shes almost so tall she rarely needs to be.

When your improving and extending your life its frustrating when everyone wants to comment or talk about appearances.

Especially when I’m thanking god at night for my new lease on life. I’m not thanking him for a great butt or looking good. I’m thanking him for these special moments. Thanking him for helping me discover a life worth living. One free from food addiction and the self torment that plagued me for years. I’m thanking him for another day of being physically and mentally able to enjoy life a little while longer.

Like a lot of addicts I wake up each day knowing relapse is a very real possibility but I’m forever grateful for the last few years. The extra cuddles. The extra fun. The extra enjoyment. It’s all a bonus because statistically I shouldn’t be here. Statistically theres a regain after large weightloss. I lost 100 lbs twice and regained and lost and regained a 100 other times during my life. But statics dont know me. Knowing that the odds are against me keeps me fighting hard every single day to maintain the freedom and joy I’ve found outside of food.

I fell so in love with a life Im willing to fight for it every single day. It wont feel like a chore or work. It wont leave you feeling dissatisfied or exhausted. You’ll feel energized and ready to battle to keep this quality of life as long as possible so you can delay those lasts as long as possible

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