Self love is 1 size fits all…

People like to assume I love my body more now because I lost weight. While it’s great to have a better quality of life less pain and more mobility I still celebrate all the things my former body did for me in the past as well.

My body allowed me to play 7 seasons of football with the boys.

My body helped me make the Mid Atlantic Rugby Team my first semester in college and play 4 more seasons traveling from Virginia Tech to colleges and tournaments ranging in places from PA to New Orleans.

My body suffered much neglect.

My body made a baby and grew it at 380lbs. Even when the doctors told me there was a good chance “something” was going to happen.

My body endured much trauma and yet kept going.

I didnt always love my body. I use to pick it apart. Wishing my belly wasn’t bigger my butt was smaller my boots were more perky. Self criticism was my second language in life and often a source of inspiration for my comedic relief.

That changed when I started my journey and made the choice to work on a healthier mindset. The negative self talk didn’t just automatically go away its something I worked on and practiced and still do have to practice at because in today’s society we’re influenced into comparing ourselves to others all the time.

I use to hate myself for what I’d done to my body. looking back on all that I was able to accomplish even with 240 extra pounds of weight on me I could have made the choice to have been proud instead. I was still going to work even in extreme pain. I was still caring for my child and the best mom I could be at the time. I was a living breathing person living and making the best choices I could at the time. Was I making some bad choices? 10-4. Was I making unhealthy decisions? Yep. Was there much room for growth and improvement in all areas of my life? Yep. Yep. Yep.

People ask me my height measurements workout diet meal plans and stats all the time trying to find some goal or similarity to work towards.

Your journey is your journey. Your body is your body. You are you.

Choose to be a happy you. Work on reaching that goal. Don’t try to be me. Dont try to become someone one else. Choose you.Trust me on this one…

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