She started a tradition

Three years at the South Berkley 5k…the first year it took me over an hour to finish and cried from blisters shin splints and being one of the last to finish. I refused to workout for 3 months afterwards. BUT I finished. Throw 240lbs back on me today and I’m not sure I could say the same thing.

That girl was strong. Mentally and Physically.3.2 miles at 420lbs is hard. Real Hard. A lot harder then 3.2 at 180lbs. That 420lbs girl she laid the ground work for this healthy and happy lifestyle I’m living now. She deserves all the credit. Change isnt easy. But she embraced it. Believed in a healthier and happier lifestyle. Believed she could do this. I didnt have a choice but to believe in her because she didnt let the possibility of failure even enter her mind. She grabbed her 3 year old and said were doing this damn thing.

So when your busy talking down to yourself imagine what if you stopped doubting in and started embracing and supporting your dreams. Dont talk yourself out of something you deserve because it’s hard. If you know it’s a challenge be your number 1 fan. Believe you can do anything. Because if your leave any room for doubt when your tired and hurting it’s to much temptation to say see I told you you cant do this. Burn that bridge. Be there for you when you need it most. Because you deserve the lifestyle you dream of.

Thank you old me.. you inspire me to keep working hard and being that badass mom that isnt afraid to do anything I put my mind too.

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