For those days when you wake up thinking you aren’t good enough. On the days your to busy pointing out your own failures and not counting your blessings. For the days you start comparing your life to everyone elses. On the days you would rather self criticize instead of constructively problem solve. Because we all have those days or weeks or months we just cant seem to do anything right and were to busy focusing on our own negatives.

Some days you just have to grab your subconscious by the balls get a good grip and remind yourself that shits not productive. It’s not appreciated. It’s not appropriate. It’s not for you.

You deserve better. You deserve to be in your own corner. You deserve to keep fighting. For food addicts it’s very easy to slip back into that game of nursing these self inflicted emotional wounds with food.

The best way to fight a bad day(week or month) is with routine. Stick to it. Dont let yourself talk you out of your routine. If you can fight through it get it all done that’s one less failure your brain can throw back in your face. When your struggling and just want to quit remind yourself of why you started. Because youre worthy youre capable and youre you.

So grab you planner make your to do list and get back to putting in the work. Because crying about how inadequate you are isnt getting anything accomplished. But the sooner you get back on top of your routine and structure of a well balanced healthy life the quicker you’ll find that voice in your head telling you all those lies is going to be silenced. When your busy crushing goals you dont have time for all that negativity. You only have time for progress and learning and building the life you deserve.

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