Success is a mind set

It’s time we stop getting in our own way. When we stop the negative self talk. When we stop telling ourselves I could never do that. When we lose the victim mentality. When we stop saying why we cant do what someone else did and start focusing on what we can do we achieve so much more. It makes sense right action and work always gets you further then complaining and comparing.

It’s fine to be constructively criticized it makes us better. It’s fine to fail. It’s fine to need a break or go at a slower pace. It’s not ok to give up. It’s not ok to think your not worth the effort. It’s not ok to believe you cant follow your dreams and passions.

Effort and passion dont always equal success the first time or the 2nd but they do lead you to so many new possibilities. The more times you try the more work you do the more opportunity you give yourself to succeed.

I thought losing 240lbs would take me 5 years initially. But when I got out of my own way and embraced the work it takes to change mentally and physically it fell off in just 17 months. Change your mind set… whenever you think I CANT DO THIS add BECAUSE I WONT WORK FOR IT at the end. See if you like that double negative. See how it feels putting your failure back into your control. 

Your success ultimately comes down to you. Do you want to keep trying or do you want to give up. Lifes about the choices we make. Every day every hour every minute we have choices. They are up to you. You decided…but dont sit on the fence complaining. Commit one way or the other. Your either going for it or done working for it.

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