Better Late then Never

When Macyn was born I made a promise to start living healthier…it took me a few years to figure out that for me that meant addressing my mental health before I could truely change my overall physical health by changing my health habits for the long term. For years I felt like a terrible momContinue reading “Better Late then Never”

There’ll be no tears over Christmas…

Its not how you eat occasionally that makes the big difference in your life. Its the things you do every single day that really matter. If you go on 12 dates a year and eat an extra 533 calories on each date youd only lose 2 lbs giving up that date night treat for good.Continue reading “There’ll be no tears over Christmas…”

My 2 cents

Talking about your experiences and the medical and mental effects of obesity isn’t fatshaming. If you want to criticize people for fat shaming start with the entertainment industry. People that share their experiences battling obesity usually aren’t shaming anyone but trying to educate and help others. Most of whom are battling mental illness as well.Continue reading “My 2 cents”

Celebrating Thanksgiving…With a Recovering Food Addict

Confession: Not that excited for Thanksgiving. I usually look forward to stuffing balls but lately I’ve seem to lost my appetite for them. I eat things I love everyday that fuels my body and doesn’t leave me feeling heavy overstuffed or boated. Its hard to want to put something into my body I know I’mContinue reading “Celebrating Thanksgiving…With a Recovering Food Addict”

Confessions of a food addict:

During my lifetime… ⚠️I’ve eaten an entire loaf of sunbeam bread with nothing but butter in one sitting. ⚠️ I’ve eatten other coworkers holiday gifts that customers left with me (sorry bud) ⚠️ I’ve lied about what I eat, how much I eat, or the last time I ate ⚠️ I’ve pulled food out ofContinue reading “Confessions of a food addict:”

Do you remember your first binge?

I still remember the first time I binged until I puked. I was a kid watching the super bowl at home. Upset I hadn’t been invited to a party. Then in 7th grade I started skipping meals to prove to myself I could control what I ate. I started eating paper at night my stomachContinue reading “Do you remember your first binge?”