Life happens…whether you worry or not

I wrote this exactly a year ago and found it comforting to reread today. So I’m sharing it here… Relationships. Promotions. Relocations. Deaths. Births. Houses. Friends. I use to get scared thinking about what ifs…What if this or that could lead to catastrophic events. Life altering events. Mainly worrying about all the bad things thatContinue reading “Life happens…whether you worry or not”

Todays Run Another long run in the books. It was long and cold but a blast. Amazing how when you are in good company the miles and hours can fly by. Each week I feel more and more excited to compete in my first half marathon. I’m just ready to do the dang thing!

Training Run Week 4

Today was week 4s long training run 8 miles in 1 and half hours. After last weeks adventure with the flu and my sister battling a tailbone injury we’re both pleased with our times this week. Even though we both love to check our times after our runs its not about the times at all.Continue reading “Training Run Week 4”