Facts about my transformation

Fact: Both pictures are meFact: People considered me beautiful during times both pics were taken.Fact: Changing my choices changed my appearance and my weight as well as my health.Fact: losing weight helped me breath easier and my body ache lessFact: Changing my lifestyle made me happierFact: I used tools on my journey. Just like everyoneContinue reading “Facts about my transformation”

I didn’t do it

I was offered money to advertise for Bariatric patient supplies… For someone who lost their job in May I’m not gonna lie it was tempting. The thing is … I didn’t have surgery. I know people who have. I know people that found great success with surgery and others that ended up with some majorContinue reading “I didn’t do it”

What weightloss wont do…

Losing weight WONT make you happy…but if you choose to persue your own happiness you just might lose some weight. Lose the weight of the need for perfection. Lose the weight of self loathing. Lose the weight of negative self talk. Lose the weight of being overly critical. Lose the weight of a negative mindset.Continue reading “What weightloss wont do…”

Fix those crowns!

Just a few years ago I was down and out. Broken. Bruised. A complete and utter mess. I was ready to die. Praying to die. I abused my body and mind telling myself I deserved it for being such a complete and total mess. I weighed 420lbs and losing my mobility. My negative self talkContinue reading “Fix those crowns!”

How I Started…

For years I struggled with diets. Failure after failure led me to believe it was my fault and I was doomed to remain unhealthy and unhappy because I was flawed. But my sister believed in me she knew I just needed a little help to get myself on the right path. Since I was obeseContinue reading “How I Started…”

My weight hurt those I loved the most…

The hardest part of my journey probably has been acknowledging that my weight impacted others. I didnt know it at the time… or didnt choose to see it as genuine concern at that moment but I hurt a lot of family members by choosing to ignore my health for so long. I have so manyContinue reading “My weight hurt those I loved the most…”

Why another progress pic??

Some days I think why do another progress pic…I’ve made it I’m where I want to be Then I I remember why I started sharing my journey in the first place. To help someone. I knew my story could help someone who was struggling like me. I knew that there was someone who had justContinue reading “Why another progress pic??”

Healing takes time…

For someone who use to cry about my size because I was embarrassed I’m suprised how quickly my mind set has changed. I use to be so angry with her. Called her names was embarrassed by her choices, cursed her for giving ME arthritis…now I’m so damn (yes I’m going to cuss) proud when IContinue reading “Healing takes time…”

My story

At the end of 2017, I weighed over 400 lbs and had mobility issues due to my weight. I felt out of control with my overeating and stress at work only prompted me to continue to turn to food as a crutch. Each day I woke up and contemplated how I would make it throughContinue reading “My story”

You are more

We are more then just a weight loss story. Were mothers and sisters. We’re managers and employees. We’re volunteers and community members. We’re people with real lives. Dont lose yourself in your weight loss journey. Your more then a number on a scale. Youre are probably just like me…you have a real life with realContinue reading “You are more”