Don’t assume I hate my scars…

My skins been with me through thick and thin…at the start of my journey I wanted to embrace and love all of me. My skin took a little longer to love then the rest of me. I actually incorrectly assumed I’d HAVE to get it removed but found out shortly after earning my loose skinContinue reading “Don’t assume I hate my scars…”

Loose skin isnt my issue society is

Life with loose skin…peoples unnecessary comment check list. ✅You should start cutting the hospital will have to finish the job. ✅Great now I’m sick. ✅🤮 ✅Great job but why do we need to see your skin. Keep it hidden. ✅Donate it to pizza hut. ✅I need a cigarette after seeing that. ✅Theres ways to giveContinue reading “Loose skin isnt my issue society is”

You are more

We are more then just a weight loss story. Were mothers and sisters. We’re managers and employees. We’re volunteers and community members. We’re people with real lives. Dont lose yourself in your weight loss journey. Your more then a number on a scale. Youre are probably just like me…you have a real life with realContinue reading “You are more”

I won’t give up on you…

I wont give up on you. No matter how many times you fall. No matter how many times you stop and restart. No matter how many times life got in the way. No matter your past. I wont give up on you. Because I’ve been there. I’ve had all the best intentions and watched myselfContinue reading “I won’t give up on you…”

Change your life not your weight

Your weight is a reflection of your lifestyle. If you want to succeed at lasting weight loss you have to change your mind set. Dont focus on changing a number on the scale or a size on your tags. Focus on changing your life and the results will follow. If your focusing on reaching aContinue reading “Change your life not your weight”

Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW For the woman who believed in me. For the woman who dreamed it and then worked for it. For the woman who made me who I am today. For the woman who had tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed and failed and failed and failed so many times butContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday”

A year ago…

Repost from 1 year ago…proud to still be sharing and on this amazing journey When you let go of your doubts you’ll be suprised how far you can go… When I started this journey I didnt share much about the lifestyle transformations I was making. I was afraid i would fail. Now that I’ve beenContinue reading “A year ago…”