Facts about my transformation

Fact: Both pictures are meFact: People considered me beautiful during times both pics were taken.Fact: Changing my choices changed my appearance and my weight as well as my health.Fact: losing weight helped me breath easier and my body ache lessFact: Changing my lifestyle made me happierFact: I used tools on my journey. Just like everyoneContinue reading “Facts about my transformation”

Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months

Its no secret super morbid obesity is hard to battle back from. Your body has changed. Your body is no longer functioning like that of a person at a healthy BMI. The excess fat has added pain pressure and more obstacles to just a health and fitness routine. It affects your everyday life. Even simpleContinue reading “Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months”

My why

My reason why…I dont do diet bets. My reason why…I dont track calories My reason why…I dont coach weightloss My reason why…I dont weigh everyday My reason why…I dont calorie count My reason why…I dont focus on my appearance My reason why…I started a lifestyle change My reason why…I eat whole healthy foods My reasonContinue reading “My why”