Fix those crowns!

Just a few years ago I was down and out. Broken. Bruised. A complete and utter mess. I was ready to die. Praying to die. I abused my body and mind telling myself I deserved it for being such a complete and total mess. I weighed 420lbs and losing my mobility. My negative self talkContinue reading “Fix those crowns!”

Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months

Its no secret super morbid obesity is hard to battle back from. Your body has changed. Your body is no longer functioning like that of a person at a healthy BMI. The excess fat has added pain pressure and more obstacles to just a health and fitness routine. It affects your everyday life. Even simpleContinue reading “Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months”

I was tired…

I was 6 years younger in the first picture but felt 20 years older then I am now. I ate processed prepackaged foods. I ate fast food at least 7 times a week. I drank soda by the gallons. I couldnt stick to a workout plan for more then a few days. The closest thingContinue reading “I was tired…”