Facts about my transformation

Fact: Both pictures are meFact: People considered me beautiful during times both pics were taken.Fact: Changing my choices changed my appearance and my weight as well as my health.Fact: losing weight helped me breath easier and my body ache lessFact: Changing my lifestyle made me happierFact: I used tools on my journey. Just like everyoneContinue reading “Facts about my transformation”

Eating Healthy can be Expensive…but it doesn’t have to be!

Whole foods aren’t neccessarily expensive…convenient foods are. Ever notice how you can buy a premade single serving salad for almost the same price of all the ingredients to make your own salad for the week? When people ask me about the importance of food prep I hear 1 of 2 things either they dont haveContinue reading “Eating Healthy can be Expensive…but it doesn’t have to be!”