Tri-bean veggie egg scramble

I love starting my mornings off with a great veggie filled breakfast! While on my journey to better health I followed the eat more nutrients and eat less emotions plan…aka I focused on eating foods to fuel my body and not fuel my emotions. So I followed a very simple rule for myself. Count colorsContinue reading “Tri-bean veggie egg scramble”

Healthy swap for egg sandwiches!

Ingredients: -2 eggs cooked hard together -shredded mozzarella -Spinach chopped -cherry tomatoes -1 Turkey sausage patty Directions: Cook eggs hard. Microwave precooked sausage patties or make your own! Assemble ingredients on cooked egg. Fold and enjoy! I eat mine with a fork as eggs can tear easily but still makes for a great and quickContinue reading “Healthy swap for egg sandwiches!”