Fix those crowns!

Just a few years ago I was down and out. Broken. Bruised. A complete and utter mess. I was ready to die. Praying to die. I abused my body and mind telling myself I deserved it for being such a complete and total mess. I weighed 420lbs and losing my mobility. My negative self talkContinue reading “Fix those crowns!”

To grow we must first heal…

The most important part of any lifestyle change is your willingness to heal. Unhealthy lifestyles often conside with emotional traumas. When I started reflecting on my past and how it was effecting my choices there were days I’d cry. I hated feeling weak or like a victim. I didnt want to relive the experience. ButContinue reading “To grow we must first heal…”

Sometimes it just takes time

This is me. Both pictures are me. I have been both of these people. I have lived in both of these bodies. I can tell you both of these people live a hard life. Both of these people are flawed and perfect at the same time. Both of these people choose their lives. One choosesContinue reading “Sometimes it just takes time”