What happens to you’re skin?

Today I cam across an old workout video from 2 years ago check it our below! So I did a little comparison video to check out my arm strength. I wasjt expecting much after my shoulder injury last year and taking a few months off full body workouts but I was absolutely floored to seeContinue reading “What happens to you’re skin?”

Looking back last year…

Repost from 1 year ago… I woke up today with a sense of adventure and excitement! Ready to explore relax and play. There was no sense of unease of others judging my skin or fear of not fitting in my bathing suit. I told mike yesterday on the way here was the first time IContinue reading “Looking back last year…”

There’s nothing wrong with my loose skin…just society

Life with loose skin…peoples unnecessary comment check list. ✅You should start cutting the hospital will have to finish the job. ✅Great now I’m sick. ✅🤮 ✅Great job but why do we need to see your skin. Keep it hidden. ✅Donate it to pizza hut. ✅I need a cigarette after seeing that. ✅Theres ways to giveContinue reading “There’s nothing wrong with my loose skin…just society”

Don’t assume I hate my scars…

My skins been with me through thick and thin…at the start of my journey I wanted to embrace and love all of me. My skin took a little longer to love then the rest of me. I actually incorrectly assumed I’d HAVE to get it removed but found out shortly after earning my loose skinContinue reading “Don’t assume I hate my scars…”

My bodies not perfect and it is still beautiful

I will never be that sexy Instagram fitness model…I’ll never have that perfect bikini bod…I’ll never grace the covers of fitness magazines or walk a catwalk with models…and I’m ok with that. I dont want those things. I dont want people to focus on my appearance. Whether I’m attractive or sexy or appealing. When peopleContinue reading “My bodies not perfect and it is still beautiful”

Skin I’m in…

Loose skin update…same weight a year later. Everyones choice is personal but I choose to share mine because I want people to know surgery isnt a requirement. Some big weightloss losers dont experience any medical issues with their skin and alot of us are proud to show it off! Whatever your choice make sure yourContinue reading “Skin I’m in…”