Loose skin isnt my issue society is

Life with loose skin…peoples unnecessary comment check list. ✅You should start cutting the hospital will have to finish the job. ✅Great now I’m sick. ✅🤮 ✅Great job but why do we need to see your skin. Keep it hidden. ✅Donate it to pizza hut. ✅I need a cigarette after seeing that. ✅Theres ways to giveContinue reading “Loose skin isnt my issue society is”

My bodies not perfect and it is still beautiful

I will never be that sexy Instagram fitness model…I’ll never have that perfect bikini bod…I’ll never grace the covers of fitness magazines or walk a catwalk with models…and I’m ok with that. I dont want those things. I dont want people to focus on my appearance. Whether I’m attractive or sexy or appealing. When peopleContinue reading “My bodies not perfect and it is still beautiful”