Meghans Lifestyle Rules

We all start out with big dreams on compeletely changing our lives. I know I did and I actually wrote down and documented much of my journey to lose 240lbs in 17 months and keep it off for the last year. Now as I try to explain the process of a lifestyle change I’m diggingContinue reading “Meghans Lifestyle Rules”

Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW For the woman who believed in me. For the woman who dreamed it and then worked for it. For the woman who made me who I am today. For the woman who had tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed and failed and failed and failed so many times butContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday”

Sometimes it just takes time

This is me. Both pictures are me. I have been both of these people. I have lived in both of these bodies. I can tell you both of these people live a hard life. Both of these people are flawed and perfect at the same time. Both of these people choose their lives. One choosesContinue reading “Sometimes it just takes time”