My 2 cents

Talking about your experiences and the medical and mental effects of obesity isn’t fatshaming. If you want to criticize people for fat shaming start with the entertainment industry. People that share their experiences battling obesity usually aren’t shaming anyone but trying to educate and help others. Most of whom are battling mental illness as well.Continue reading “My 2 cents”

How I Started…

For years I struggled with diets. Failure after failure led me to believe it was my fault and I was doomed to remain unhealthy and unhappy because I was flawed. But my sister believed in me she knew I just needed a little help to get myself on the right path. Since I was obeseContinue reading “How I Started…”

Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months

Its no secret super morbid obesity is hard to battle back from. Your body has changed. Your body is no longer functioning like that of a person at a healthy BMI. The excess fat has added pain pressure and more obstacles to just a health and fitness routine. It affects your everyday life. Even simpleContinue reading “Why I used supplements over surgery to lose 240lbs in 17 months”

My story

At the end of 2017, I weighed over 400 lbs and had mobility issues due to my weight. I felt out of control with my overeating and stress at work only prompted me to continue to turn to food as a crutch. Each day I woke up and contemplated how I would make it throughContinue reading “My story”

Death of the Fat Joke

When your super morbidly obese society teaches us that you are not as much of a person as you are a comedic relief for normal society. How many shows have you watched where the excessively large character is used to provide a quick chuckle or lighten a serious moment.  Most Adam Sandler movies have atContinue reading “Death of the Fat Joke”

Super Morbidly Obese and Pregnant

Macyns birthday is coming up! Feburary the 15th is the big day! Shell be 6 years old! When I gave birth to Macyn I weighed 380lbs. Being pregnant and super morbidly obese is probably one of the worst overweight experiences I had. Drs. would ask me to go see someone else. No one wanted meContinue reading “Super Morbidly Obese and Pregnant”

Sometimes it just takes time

This is me. Both pictures are me. I have been both of these people. I have lived in both of these bodies. I can tell you both of these people live a hard life. Both of these people are flawed and perfect at the same time. Both of these people choose their lives. One choosesContinue reading “Sometimes it just takes time”