Abstinance or Moderation?

Abstinance and Moderation: two words I think about alot. I’m going to be honest I don’t follow “that programs” abstaince rules for food addicts. You know the one…zero tolerance for sugar, flour or wheat. I knew when I started my journey if I wasn’t happy I wouldn’t stick with it. I wasnt going to lieContinue reading “Abstinance or Moderation?”

How I Started…

For years I struggled with diets. Failure after failure led me to believe it was my fault and I was doomed to remain unhealthy and unhappy because I was flawed. But my sister believed in me she knew I just needed a little help to get myself on the right path. Since I was obeseContinue reading “How I Started…”

Confessions of a food addict:

During my lifetime… ⚠️I’ve eaten an entire loaf of sunbeam bread with nothing but butter in one sitting. ⚠️ I’ve eatten other coworkers holiday gifts that customers left with me (sorry bud) ⚠️ I’ve lied about what I eat, how much I eat, or the last time I ate ⚠️ I’ve pulled food out ofContinue reading “Confessions of a food addict:”

Do you remember your first binge?

I still remember the first time I binged until I puked. I was a kid watching the super bowl at home. Upset I hadn’t been invited to a party. Then in 7th grade I started skipping meals to prove to myself I could control what I ate. I started eating paper at night my stomachContinue reading “Do you remember your first binge?”

Your stomach stretches

Repost from 1 year ago… The face that its contemplating how my stomach use to handle 2 Moes burritos at once….had a lunch date with Mike today and couldnt finish 1. While I definitely am glad I lost weight without surgery I can see why many elect too. My stomach had been stretched out soContinue reading “Your stomach stretches”


The definition of happiness is the state of being happy. One cannot begin to define happiness if they have no idea of what happy is. Happy is defined as the feeling or showing of contentment or pleasure. We all have felt some happiness before. Some of us find happiness in helping others. Some find happinessContinue reading “Happiness”