Fail. Fail again. Fail harder. Just fail forward…

I lost 240lbs in 17 months. Before that I lost over 100 lbs. Twice. Yep I told you I lost over 100lbs twice before. But did I tell you about all the times in between when I lost 20, 40, 60 or 70 and regained that too? If you think when you work really hardContinue reading “Fail. Fail again. Fail harder. Just fail forward…”


The definition of happiness is the state of being happy. One cannot begin to define happiness if they have no idea of what happy is. Happy is defined as the feeling or showing of contentment or pleasure. We all have felt some happiness before. Some of us find happiness in helping others. Some find happinessContinue reading “Happiness”

Don’t Give Up

Not everyday is perfect. But everyday is filled with opportunities. When you start to compare yourself to others you quickly become distracted and often times discouraged. So why do we compare ourselves to others? Are we hoping to see similarities in their stories to ours? Or are we looking for excuses to give up? It’sContinue reading “Don’t Give Up”

Woman Crush Wednesday

WCW For the woman who believed in me. For the woman who dreamed it and then worked for it. For the woman who made me who I am today. For the woman who had tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed and failed and failed and failed so many times butContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday”

Ground Chicken Taco Salad

Ingredients -1lb ground chicken -taco seasoning -spinach -cherry tomatoes -onion -salasa *optional -sour cream creme *optional Directions: In a skillet cook ground chicken with taco seasoning and diced onions When cooked throughly assemble in bowl with veggies and taco toppings To make sour cream creme mix water with sour cream until reach desired consistency. IfContinue reading “Ground Chicken Taco Salad”

Sometimes it just takes time

This is me. Both pictures are me. I have been both of these people. I have lived in both of these bodies. I can tell you both of these people live a hard life. Both of these people are flawed and perfect at the same time. Both of these people choose their lives. One choosesContinue reading “Sometimes it just takes time”