Tina S.

I reach out to you after seeing your posts on Facebook, I watched your story and started reflecting on myself. You have shown me that no matter what obstacles get in the way, even if it is people being nasty they can all be over come. You have taken peoples hateful words and turned them into your own fuel to ignite yourself into better things. In watching your stories of that i have been trying to apply alot of your wisdom into my own issues, I am slowly starting to like myself and not hate what I see in the mirror.. For several months it didn’t matter how silly my issue/question may have been you have been there to walk me through it, or correct it. Not once have you made me feel that I am just someone that’s only acknowledged when they are needed, and for that I am very appreciative 🙂

Published by Seemeghan

I lost over 240lbs using plant based supplements and gradual healthy lifestyle changes! Now that I've reached my goal I want to share my insights to help others achieve the healthy lifestyle they've dreamed of!