I reach out to you after seeing your posts on Facebook, I watched your story and started reflecting on myself. You have shown me that no matter what obstacles get in the way, even if it is people being nasty they can all be over come. You have taken peoples hateful words and turned themContinue reading “Tina S.”

Tina S.

You gave me hope. I love watching your journey because as. 260 lb women you feel hopeless like you will never lose it and well you are a prime example of how it can. You are an amazing human for allowing and helping the one who feel they can’t!

Laura B.

Seeing where you started and where you are now has been a tremendous encouragement to me, especially on the challenging days. You remind me that I CAN do this! I appreciate how honest and open you are about your struggles as well as your successes. 1

Eileen B.

You have given me hope, inspiration and motivation! You have shown me it is doable in strides. Thank you for you being you and sharing your struggles and also what worked for you!!

Monica J.

You have made a positive impact on me in so many ways. You have been so transparent with your journey, your food addiction and your past, and that has really opened my eyes to see my own struggles and food addiction in a better light. It is so nice and comforting knowing someone else knowsContinue reading “Megan N.”

Megan N.

You are truly amazing and an inspiration to Everyone and you’re always willing to help and answer any kind of question. You have inspired me to watch what I put in my body and you have taught me that exercise is good for us And eating healthy will change our lives. You are one ofContinue reading “Cherry S.”

Cherry S.

Watching you go through everything you did to loose the weight you did made me realize that I too can make this happen for me. I am 63 and need to shed 50lbs. It’s hard but with the product and your support groups I know I can achieve this. This has impacted my life soContinue reading “Sandra M.”

Sandra M.

You have continued to be an inspiration and a shining light. Your positive authenticity has been a godsend. I personally seek out your messages of hope and perseverance! Thank you! 1

Bridgett G.

Meghan, you are the initial reason I’m down 60 pounds and have taken back control of my life. Your encouragement of exercising ten minutes a day was something I felt like I could stick to. I was at 300 pounds and felt hopeless and didn’t know where to start. It was all so overwhelming. ButContinue reading “Emma B.”

Emma B.

I have become more inspired in my own journey. Watching her daily talking honestly about life and being very candid and open, gives me comfort and makes me want to work harder for myself. She’s also helps me feel more confident in my own skin. I truly appreciate her and all the help and supportContinue reading “Kristen P.”

Kristen P.

You are teaching me to not seek love or acceptance from others. Love me first the rest will follow.

Shelly C.

You are a very confident woman that inspired me to trust myself I have learned to love what I see in the mirror every stretch mark and every part of my skin that is falling due to gravity I learned to love MYSELF

Rebeca T

You have been encouraging me because other peoples progress motivates me to keep going in my journey! I’ve done a few extra workouts this week and every little bit helps! Thanks

Tiffany C.

You’re welcome! Your progress pictures have motivated me to try to get healthy! Seeing your posts on a regular basis is encouraging, motivating and uplifting to me! Thanks for sharing your journey & all of the helpful ideas. You are a true inspiration!

Donna T.

I fucking love you

Alessa Y.

Meghan See my biggest inspiration on my weighloss jouney. Someone to look up to, alway being positive. Alway going out her way to support and inspire so many people. I dont know you personally but please dont ever change you are a true pure person. 1

Elmarie O.

You have impacted me in so many ways. First of all your courage to change your lifestyle and find health gives me courage. More than that, your willingness to share the hard stuff, the emotional stuff, that caused you trauma and pain, helps me by being able to relate and know that my own traumaContinue reading “Katie C.”

Katie C.

You have gave me hope that in this cruel world we matter as a whole as women as we don’t have to be a size 3 or a size 24 to be ourselves in our fitness journey Thank you Sweet Friend across the miles 1

Vanessa D.

You never gave up, even at your darkest moments. You have a positive attitude and are more concerned in helping others, thats when the blessings appear. You have become a great role model for me, because i too care so much for the health and well being of others. And in the long run, iContinue reading “Barbara M.”

Barbara M.

I have only been following you for a little over a month now and have found that you are the real deal! You don’t pretend to be someone you are not and I love that. You motivate and inspire me to be better than what I have allowed myself to be for so long. YouContinue reading “Debbie B.”

Debbie B.

You are beautiful and extremely amazing!

Buzzy T.

Watching the struggle that you went through with your weight has given me the inspiration do you know that I can do this. You are a great friend and mentor and I appreciate all of the help that you were giving me to help me with this weight loss thank you my friend

Katy W.

Meghan you stun me every time I see you. I know you helped me give up smoking!! 

Nicole S.

You encourage me to get up and give up every excuse! Not only in your getting healthy journey, but your dedication to being the best mom you could be to your amazing girl. Thank you for sharing your story.

Nacole G.

You have been am inspiration to me. When I first saw you online I would look at interactions with you and your daughter and think how different that little girls life could have been. It made me think about my youngest and how different his life has been verses my older three kids and wasContinue reading “Mindy G.”

Mindy G.

Girl, you impacted my life the day we first rode together in Utah. You were so humble when I realized who you were, you had no idea that you were already an inspiration to me and so many others. I made that little comment about you being “that Meghan” , “famous Meghan” … it wasContinue reading “Tiffany Z.”

Tiffany Z.

You are amazing!!! I ran across you and could not stop following you. You are so inspiring. People can change. I love all people. Especially people that struggle. I struggled with addiction when I was younger. I have been in recovery for 35 yrs. Active. I love to see others give of themselves to helpContinue reading “Barbie K.”

Barbie K.

Seeing someone the same size as me put in the consistent work to get to a healthy size was the motivation I needed to see to get myself on track.  I had never seen anyone my size lose weight in a natural healthy way and be so open and honest about the process.  Real thoughtsContinue reading “Sarah A”

Sarah A

I was pretty close to rock bottom when seeing some of Meghan’s posts on IG inspired me to restart my health journey.  I met her almost a year before and really kick myself for not reaching out to her sooner. Meghan’s coaching groups have made a huge impact on my life and I am 30Continue reading “Netty C.”

Netty C.

Girl, you rock! I LOVE getting a personal email from you, knowing your real and wanting to inspire others is raw and amazing. You make me want to keep pushing when I say F it this is too hard I keep chugging that water and keep trying. Thank you

Stacy W.

You have given me hope, inspiration and motivation! You have shown me that yes i can! Thank you for you being you and sharing your struggles and also what worked for you!!

Jackie H.

You came into my life at a time when I needed you most. Not only are you a great coach but an even more amazing friend! I am so lucky to call you a friend and will cherish our friendship always.

Sam C.

I saw a remark on a post in Instagram that had me curious. I had made the decision to stop hating my body. That I do not have to have surgery because of other people’s thoughts about MY body. I thought I was the only one who felt that way and am so very gratefulContinue reading “Bonny T.”

Bonny T.

reading your testimony helped me start this journey. I look forward to your encouraging words.

Rhonda P.

You make me want to fight harder! I’ve been in a wheelchair since March 2018 and I am bound and determined to hike Stone Mountain next year! If you would stand in agreement with me, and pray if it be God’s will, to make this happen, let it be for His glory and honor!

Laura M.

Love you!!! You are touching and saving so many peoples lives by sharing! I wanna be more like you when i grow up  I know you saved your life but you have saved so many! Xoxoxo

Ashley M.

“Keep that promise to yourself” -Quote by Meghan See and I am Meghan! I am!  You inspire all of us!

Ayhan C.

I am thankful 2 be on this journey with you. You story is amazing. And you have inspired me in so many ways.

Lisa M.

Meghan has been a positive influence for me since my diagnosis of stage iv breast cancer. She always has a way to look on the brighter side of life, which humbles me every time I read her posts. I find strength through Meghan’s posts to continue fighting through this horrible disease.

Melissa B.

I hope you’ve had a blessed Turkey day. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Since hearing about you, I started working on me, loving myself taking care of myself. With your motivation I’ve lost 37lbs. Slowly but surely. You help so many folks I just wanted to share my accomplishment. keepContinue reading “Megan G”

Megan G

It’s nice when people ask me if I’m losing weight! 2 people in the last 3 days have asked me and my reply has been I’m not losing pounds but I’m losing inches! I’m ok with that because before it was always about the number and how many each week. I’m not doing any specialContinue reading “Melissa D. B.”

Melissa D. B.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

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