The costs…

Let’s talk about opportunity costs…every decision you make comes with a cost.

Your decision to go to work today costs you time away from your family. Time you could be fishing. Time you could have been cleaning the house. But that choice earned you a paycheck.

Your decision to watch tv costs you play time with the kids or time to organize your house or even time you could be outside playing in the park. But you got to watch something on tv.

Remember that your life is what you make it. If you dont choose to live the life you want that choice is on you.

When I decided to actively choose to start living I discovered how much time I was actually wasting doing things that didnt truly bring me happiness. I was choosing to allow my food addiction take over my life. I was choosing to be inactive. I was choosing to not change because it was easy but it didnt make me happy. I was passively watching life go by instead of actively choosing to participate and enjoy it. Dont waste your time watching the world go by. Choose things that are worth the opportunity costs.

You dont get a second life to live. Make sure your choosing to live in this one.

If you dont like your job choose to work to get a new one. If you dont like being inside choose to go out. If you dont like your dog getting in the trash choose to train him. It’s up to you! You choose how you spend your time. Choose wisely.

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