Sometimes it just takes time

Me in 2017 vs Me in 2020

This is me. Both pictures are me. I have been both of these people. I have lived in both of these bodies. I can tell you both of these people live a hard life. Both of these people are flawed and perfect at the same time.

Both of these people choose their lives. One chooses to ignore problems and hide behind food. One chooses to deal with problems as they arise. One chooses to blame others for their issues in life and live in isolation and one tries to own their problems and learn from their mistakes.

Both were the best mother possible to the same little girl. Both of them had good days and bad days. Both of them tried to work hard and do their best. Both love their families and friends fiercely. Both have felt smart and confident and both have felt insecure and wished their bodies were different.

Both of them have the same DNA the same genetics and the same excuses. BUT one of them decided to stop allowing excuses to hold her back. One of them decided their lives were meant to be more then work and chores. One decided to embrace life and live it. One of them decided my life meant more then a half hearted attempt at a diet and began a lifestyle change. A massive change that she felt worthy of. It’s not the one you think it is…

That girl on the left made me who I am today.

She showed me that we can demand respect at any size. She told me that I was worth loving no matter what I look like loose skin included. She started putting the work in. She created who I am today. She did the physical and mental work. So dont look at my before and after and turn your nose up at the girl I use to be. Dont cheer the girl on the right while criticizing people that look like the girl on the left. I am both of these people because the only difference between them is time.

Time to develop a sense of self love. Time to work on building self confidence. Time spent dedicating a massive amount mental work to grow into who I am today.

No matter your starting point anyone can have their own before and after just like mine. All it takes is time.

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