The Workout that Started it all…

Check out one of the very first “workouts” I started out with here!

In the beginning I started out with purposeful activity like cleaning my house or going on walks with my daughter. We’d play simon says or tag for fun. But when it came time to get into a “routine” I struggled. The idea of committing to “working” an hour a day turned me off from the idea of getting up early and putting on shoes. It seemed daunting to want to sweat and breathe heavy for long periods of time especially when I was doing that sitting down. So I did what I do best. Broke it down into baby steps.

I committed to 10 min a day. My sister sent me this very simple but effective workout routine to do for 7 min a day + 3 min of stretching/warm ups. There was no room for excuses with this one. I didn’t need a gym, a ton of time, or fancy equipment. I could promise myself I would do this workout 5x a week no matter what. But it worked it got me in the habit of making time for myself each and everyday.

Starting out simple helped me learn to trust myself and build confidence. I wasn’t setting myself for disappointment and I wasn’t making a promise I couldn’t keep. It became my non-negotiable something I knew I could do every day. Eventually my 10 min routine turned into 30 min of yoga everyday. After over a year of strengthening my core and correcting muscle imbalances I was finally ready to take on more rigorous activities that I actually could enjoy thanks to a smaller frame and strengthened core.

Starting out trying to push your body to hard can lead to injuries and setbacks. Take your time. Know your body and take preventative measures to make sure you don’t over train for your current fitness level. Anytime I tried to push to hard to fast I would inevitably suffer an injury. Don’t force yourself into activities your not ready for. Make sure to pick workouts that are safe and effective for you and your goals.

This is a journey not a sprint. Theres no finish line. There is time for you to work your way up to the fitness level you desire over time. It doesnt have to be overnight.

Whats your favorite quick and easy routine that keeps you on track?

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