There’ll be no tears over Christmas…

Its not how you eat occasionally that makes the big difference in your life. Its the things you do every single day that really matter.

If you go on 12 dates a year and eat an extra 533 calories on each date youd only lose 2 lbs giving up that date night treat for good. Seems silly to abstain over 2 lbs right?

Especially when you know if you shave off just an extra 200 calories from your DAILY routine youd drop an extra 22lbs that year.

So remember Christmas Day comes just once a year! Theres no shame in enjoying your Christmas. But if you over indulged hold onto that sick gross feeling of how overconsuming sugar and processed treats really makes you and your body feel and look forward to getting back into your normal routine. Dont punish yourself or over restrict yourself trying to “make it up”!

You’re not a bad dog. You dont need to hang you head in shame or be toxic or abusive to yourself over your Christmas Day choices.

You can’t change your past choices but you do control your mindset as you move forward! Look forward to feeling well. Look forward to your healthy routine. Look forward to loving yourself to better health.

There will be no tears over Christmas treats in my tribe this year. Only Christmas memories made by our choices. Memories of lights music movies family and a touch of consumerism and sweet treats as the proverbial cherry on top.

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