There’s nothing wrong with my loose skin…just society

Life with loose skin…peoples unnecessary comment check list.

✅You should start cutting the hospital will have to finish the job.

✅Great now I’m sick.


✅Great job but why do we need to see your skin. Keep it hidden.

✅Donate it to pizza hut.

✅I need a cigarette after seeing that.

✅Theres ways to give yourself infections so you can get that taken care of.

✅I would go get hit by a car and make them pay for it lmao.

✅You make normal people want to develop an eating disorder so they dont end up like you.

My skin isnt an issue for me… But society is. If you value people purely based on their appearance I dont want to be your friend anyway. ✌

I read the comments so I can share awareness and hopefully one day my daughter doesnt have too.



feelingtruvy #seemeghanshrink #bodyacceptance #iloveme #keepingmyskin #looseskin #excessskin #doitforher

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