Training Run Week 4

Today was week 4s long training run 8 miles in 1 and half hours. After last weeks adventure with the flu and my sister battling a tailbone injury we’re both pleased with our times this week.

Even though we both love to check our times after our runs its not about the times at all. While the competitive spirit in me wants to finish my first half in 2 hrs and 30 minutes truely these long runs have become more about the therapeutic benefits and mental health benefits both me and my sister get from running together for several miles.

A lot of things can come out when your grinding the road together week after week. Sharing your hope’s your dreams fears and frustrations. I’ve always considered walking and running therapy since I picked it up during my weightloss journey but having a running partner help talk me through some of the subconscious thoughts that can pop in your head after several miles is truely break through level.

That’s Me and my sister didnt grow up in the same household for most of our childhood. We didnt get along at all. We grew up 2 totally different people However the last few years weve developed a new stronger relationship based off our family ties and undergoing lifestyle transformations together. We supported each other and not only grew stronger as individuals but also as a unit.

That’s because we cant all be strong all the time. When we have a partner standing there with us facing an enourmous obstacle it can give you that strength and courage you need to keep moving forward.

Weve come along way from neglecting our health to taking control of ourselves and becoming healthier physically and I feel since starting this half marathon training were helping heal each other mentally as well.

We are our own worst critics so having someone on the outside looking in sharing their perspectives can help us see ourselves in a whole new light.

I once heard a saying if you want to go far go together if you want to go fast go alone. I have big dreams and so does she and I’ve never felt more confident that together we will go further then weve ever imagined possible.

Have you found running is more therapeutic with a running buddy or do you prefer to run alone? Let me know!

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