Tri-bean veggie egg scramble

I love starting my mornings off with a great veggie filled breakfast! While on my journey to better health I followed the eat more nutrients and eat less emotions plan…aka I focused on eating foods to fuel my body and not fuel my emotions. So I followed a very simple rule for myself. Count colors not calories. I count how many different colored veggies I can fit into my meals during the day. Its a fun and satisfying way to stay full get my nutrients and not over eat the processed food treats we all tend to over consume.

Heres another one of my favorite veggie packed egg scrambles!


1/4th a can of tri- bean blend (pinto kidney and black)

1/2 cup chopped spinach

Handful of cherry tomatoes halved

3 large eggs

Mexican shredded cheese

Crafted Creations Baja Lime Seasoning


Heat veggies in skillet shortly after add in eggs and scramble. As eggs cook slowly fold in cheese and seasoning 1 to 2 minutes before finishing.


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