We don’t have to be perfect to be loved

That girl in her room settling in for the night. Shes the best. Last night she got herself ready for bed when I was sick. This morning she got on the bus bravely with Mike and let me sleep without a fuss. She doesnt care if I ran a walked a mile today or 10. She doesnt care if I made a sale today or not.

Shes just happy to have her mom here. She doesnt care if I’m the best. The fastest the strongest. She doesnt care if my names at the top of the regional sales list or if my PRs have gone up. She doesnt mind if I need to use PTO or ask about things at work that I need to get done…

She just cares about her mom. I dont have to be perfect or say everything right. She doesnt care if I ever write a book or become independently wealthy. She just is happy to have me here with her right now.

No matter what goes on in life. When you have someone that loves you for you theres no bigger motivation then trying to be the best version of yourself for them.

It’s easy to beat yourself up when things aren’t going your way but just remember theres people that love you for more then what you do in a day or how much money you make in a day. They love you for who you are to them. A mother a friend a sibling a cousin a partner or any of the other roles you play in someone elses life.

Being a mom was never something I planned on being when I thought of my future but it’s the most
Rewarding job I’ve ever had. No amount of money or fame can compare to having the love of this little one behind me. I know with her depending on me I cant fail.

#doitforher #bestdaughterever #shelovesme #sickday #gettingbettereveryday

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