What a Workout Cant Fix

I wont smile for you and tell you a hard workout will make it all better.

I wont smile for you and say theres nothing a hard workout cant fix.

I wont smile for you and tell you losing weight made my life perfect.

Today I wont be taking a sweaty smiling selfie and feeling great.

But I’ll show up for this workout. I’ll show up for myself. Ill show up and share with you this…

This workout wont change the fact that my little fur baby has cancer. It wont change the vet bills. It wont stop my tears. It wont numb the pain. It wont cure the world of any of its problems.

It will keep me on track though. It will remind me of why I choose to make even healthier choices when dealing with stress. It will clear that brain fog that keeps telling me to down my sorrows in the 2 full boxes of ice cream in the freezer. It wont solve my problems no but it wont add more problems onto my plate.

When you’re in a hole and it feels dark and alone and you hear the comfort foods whispering deep within dont be tempted to dig that hole deeper chasing a phantom of false comfort in the form of sugary or processed food distractions.

No this workout wont make this easier but it will make me stronger and that’s just what a good workout is intended to do…so today I will not smile for you because today is hard but I know one day I’ll look back and smile at my own strength and that’s the smile I look forward to sharing with you.

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