Why another progress pic??

Some days I think why do another progress pic…I’ve made it I’m where I want to be

Then I I remember why I started sharing my journey in the first place. To help someone. I knew my story could help someone who was struggling like me. I knew that there was someone who had just about given up hope…like me.

One person changed my life. I saw them in the middle of their own transformation and it gave me the slightest bit of hope that hey if they can do this why cant I!

So even on days I feel like all my friends are tired of my post. No one wants to see another transformation post. I’ve already reached out to so many people why not just go back to living a life without sharing my health inspired posts and weekly transformation pics. I dont need the accountability anymore because I love all the things I do to stay active and eat clean. So what’s in it for me?

Its because I still remember

Still remember the daily pain and struggle just to live life. To get out of bed and tie my shoes. To be unable to pick up and play with my daughter. I still remember being so tired I didnt want to walk up stairs in my home. I still remember wanting to stop over eating but not being able to control myself to actually do it. The helpless feeling of food addiction. I remember it quite vividly because I lived it for years!

So i will continue to share and posts. Because it could save someone. Because theres a chance i could help someone the way my sister helped me.

I think most people that lose a large amount of weight naturally feels like they need to help someone else out. Like we owe it to the universe for helping us to be so successful. No one truely does it alone so we do owe it to the people that helped us along the way to continue to share and pass along that positivity. That hope. So if you have lost 5lbs or 250lbs share it. Share it with someone. You never know who needs to see it who you could help bring a better quality of life too.

Dont do it for you do it for them. Whoever they may be. They need you.

Message me today if your ready to start your own journey!

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  • Oh my goodness please don’t ever stop sharing I’m looking at that photo of you that’s me!!!!!! I’m that girl!!! #f*** obesity#f*** eating disorders#f*** mental illness#never give up#be brave#you give us hope#dare to inspire#change behaviors#food addict#I’m going to be like Megan!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙


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