Why does your face look weird?

My ex use to tell me I had a weird face when I smiled so I never did…

Now that I love myself and my new lifestyle I cant stop and dont want to.

His opinion of me and my smile didnt matter. I use to think it did but it doesnt now and it didnt back then.

No one elses opinion of you matters. The only person who’s opinion of you matters is your own. Not your neighbors not your overly critical friends not your nosey coworker down the hall. Just yours. If you can lay down at night and be proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished and got done today then you should rest well.

Never let someone elses issues become your burden. They may be insecure and lacking confidence. They may be judgemental and negative. But you can choose not to live that lifestyle. You choose how you spend the time in your own thoughts. You choose what you want to improve on and what your happy with. You decide. Dont let their insecurities become your insecurities. Dont let their vanity and shallow mind make you a less gracious and friendly person. Dont let anyone else change who you are because you choose to indulge in the same toxic lifestyle they are choosing to live in.

Dont do it. You’ll lose yourself. Youll lose your happiness. You’ll lose your smile…

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