Woman Crush Wednesday


For the woman who believed in me. For the woman who dreamed it and then worked for it. For the woman who made me who I am today. For the woman who had tried and failed and tried and failed and tried and failed and failed and failed and failed so many times but still kept going because she knew she deserved more.

For the woman who finally stood up and raised her standards after so many years of believing she didnt deserve better. For the woman I use to be.

I was mean to you. I talked negatively about you. I called you names. I told you that you were worthless. I made jokes about you to make others laugh. I wasnt comfortable with myself so I took it out on you.

Yet you kept persisting. You kept fighting. You were an amazing mom for fighting through so much pain and adversity to care for your daughter. You showed up everyday even though you didnt want to. Even though you lived in pain carrying the weight of almost 2 additional people on your body. An extra 240lbs. You did the best that you could do given how many obstacles, challenges, and self sabatoge I laid out on you.

You there. You are my woman crush. You inspire me to dream bigger. Fight harder. Study more. Work longer. Because if you can change your life this much in just 2 years. Then I know I am capable of doing so much more. You gave me this strength you gave me this opportunity you gave me this life.

I’m living a life built on your work and sweat and dedication. I will not let your sacrifices go to waste. I will make you even more proud of what you started. I will keep raising my standards I will keep pushing for that next level of quality life. Because you dear. You deserve it…and so much more.

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