Starting out as a beginner I hated the work workout. Wouldnt do it barely said it. Instead I focused on being “active” I could barely walk for 5 min in the beginning without needing to take a break. So I started small cleaning more instead of watching tv. Going on short walks on my lunch break and doing 10 min of yoga in the mornings to stretch out my back and get me loosened up and stretched out early so I could move around easier during the day.

No matter your fitness level the key is to be consistent and do things you love and want to do. Take the WORK out of the workout. Make it a celebration of your ability to move. If you dont love it you wont stick with it.

I made a commitment to myself not to go to bed without doing at least 10 min of activity. It was a starting point. Somewhere I knew I could commit to and stick with it. Whether it be a walk or yoga or a HIIT workout as long as I do 10 min a day I know I can jump back into my normal routine the next day and not allow myself to fall into a habit of putting off a workout ever.

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