Yoga for mental health

Hatha Yoga right now is my weakest yoga. It’s the mental slowness the emotional wave and deep buried subconscious thoughts that are hard for me to handle.

Anxiety Fear Anger Fustration their all natural yet we try to push them down ignore them put them aside deal with it later….until we cant any longer and they grow like a giant clouding out all the good in our lives.

Take time to acknowledge them. Let them pass. Accept these are your emotions these are real things you are feeling then let them pass and move on. It’s hard. I usually cry and discover some deep rooted issue I didnt even know was truely bugging me.

Today I wept. I wept for the food addicts still struggling and taking bad advice because they dont have a true qualified support system. I wept because I’m not brave enough to develop a support system for them myself. Still not strong enough to help pull someone else back out of the dark hole I use to be trapped in. I wept for the functioning addicts that are slowly slipping like I did into immobility. I wept for the mothers the fathers the teens all dealing with a chemical imbalance the food industry loves to profit off of.

I wept and acknowledged all these things. Nothing changed but now it’s no longer buried inside of me and I can attempt to change the things I can and acknowledge the things I cant and that brings me at least some peace.

I’m angry at addiction sad for those struggling proud of what I’ve accomplished and beyond grateful for all of my many blessings. And that’s the positive the sun I can see and focus on and I can use that to move forward with my day.

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