You are more

We are more then just a weight loss story. Were mothers and sisters. We’re managers and employees. We’re volunteers and community members. We’re people with real lives.

Dont lose yourself in your weight loss journey. Your more then a number on a scale. Youre are probably just like me…you have a real life with real responsibilities. You have families that need and deserve your attention. You have real life issues to work through. Your weightloss story isnt the only thing going on in your life. Healthy choices are important putting your health first should be a priority.

Dont lose yourself in the ups and downs of weekly or daily weight loss ups and downs though. Your self worth isnt determined by your jean size. Your value to your family doesnt increase because you finally broke that plateau. You didnt become less of a mother because you gained a pound this week or even 3.

Life doesnt go away when you lose weight. When you hit your goal weight your problems dont magically disappear balloons dont magically fall from the sky. This is a journey where we are learning and preparing to make healthy choices while LIVING. Life goes on. Make sure it didnt go on without you while you were busy watching the scale…

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