You can or you cant…you choose…

Repost from social media 1 year ago…

“Dont you dare tell me you have to far to go…dont you dare tell me it cant be done…dont you dare tell me that it just seems impossible for you

I once believed that about myself. You know what it was true. As long as I believed I couldnt do it I didnt do it. I stayed overweight for years. I failed so many times when I gave it a half hearted attempt.

The only difference between the before and now pics is I decided to believe in me. Decided I wanted to do it so I was going to do it! I even set a time line of 5 years to get it done then I blew my goal out of the water because I believed I could!

I’m not a certified trainer. I’m not a nutritionist. I’ve been overweight my entire life born on the larger side of the baby weight charts. Obese since childhood. My body didn’t know what a healthy weight felt like.

Now I’m here. The mental transformation when you choose to believe in yourself and the power of positivity cant be undone.

So if you tell me YOU cant do it then yep I’ll agree you’re not ready yet. As long as you believe theres a chance of failure or allow yourself that doubt then it wont happen. Youll have rough days and set backs and give up. Now when you make the decision you will do it that’s when your really ready. You dont need anyone else to believe in you. No one else telling you… you can do it will change your mind. It’s got to be you!

So who’s ready?

If you know you can do it but feel like you could use a little help message me for more information on my lifestyle coaching!

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