“Youll be fine as long as you can swim and don’t weigh 400lbs…”

Said the young man helping us with our jetski. Mike was worried the water was to choppy as one rental place was closed to due to orange flag warnings today.

The water was fine but that comment will stick with me for a while. I’m feeling a lot of things right now…embarrassment and hurt mostly. Hurt that I didn’t stand up for my former self or at least say something. Even at 400 lbs I could swim. I was a person. A person who would have loved to jetski. But never did…

Mainly it feels weird. Weird making the choice to blend in today and not spesk up and put myself back in the obese category of society. Weird even more so to have the option to do so.

So another item off my bucket list in a most memorable fashion.

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